Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Foundation Repair Services: 4 Ways A Repair Contractor Can Save A Sinking Foundation

Isaac Simpson

Your foundation's safety and integrity are essential for the overall well-being of your home. Unfortunately, foundations can suffer problems such as settling, heaving, or cracking, leading to significant structural damage. To save yourself money in the long run and preserve the integrity of your foundation, you need reliable repair services from an experienced contractor. 

Here are four ways a trusted contractor can save a sinking foundation:


The service is suitable for sinking foundations caused by soil erosion or expansion. The contractor drills multiple holes into the foundation and pumps a slurry of sand, cement, and mud beneath it to raise and level it back up. If you live in an area prone to soil erosion or expansion, mudjacking can help restore stability and prevent further damage. You may need several sessions if the soil erosion is severe.

Piering and Stabilizing

If your foundation starts sinking due to shifting soils, piering and stabilization can help reduce further damage. The contractor places metal piers deep into the ground to anchor them in stable soil so the foundation remains level.

Most professionals use a hydraulic pump to raise the foundation and anchor it with steel piers. Depending on the severity of the sinking, you may need several piers to provide adequate support and stabilization.


Underpinning is more complex and expensive than mudjacking or piering and stabilizing, but it is also more effective. It involves excavating the area around your foundation and pouring concrete footings to support the structure.

The contractor also replaces damaged sections with new reinforced concrete blocks for added support while reducing soil pressure. The process can help improve a sinking foundation over several sessions.

Slab Lifting

If your foundation is sinking due to expansive soils or erosion, slab lifting can help restore stability and level the structure. The contractor injects polyurethane foam beneath the concrete to fill in gaps caused by soil movement and lift it back up. The procedure causes minimal disruption since no excavation is needed, but it can be expensive. When the foam cures, it forms a solid slab that can last for decades, but you may need several sessions to get the best results.

By hiring a reputable contractor for foundation repair services, you can save your sinking foundation from further damage and preserve its integrity. With the right repair services, your home will be structurally sound for many years.

Contact a local foundation repair service to learn more. 


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