Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

How To Tell If The Tracks On Your Garage Door Are Having Problems And The Repairs That Could Help

Isaac Simpson

The garage door tracks get a lot of use since the rollers go up and down them every time you use your garage door. The tracks can last a long time and never give you any trouble, but if a track has problems, you'll know it. The door may not open and close, or the door may even jump out of the track. Here are some problems that might develop with garage door tracks and repairs that fix them.

How To Tell If A Track Is Bad

If a track is loose, it might start making a loud rattling sound. The garage door might not close or it might not open. The garage door might even fall out of the track or become uneven. When you're trying to pinpoint the problem with your garage door, check the tracks first. You can often tell just by looking if the track has an issue.

Things That Cause A Track To Have Problems

A track can get clogged easily if dirt or leaves blow in your garage. Something might even fall against the door and get stuck in the track or bend it. A bent track is a problem since the rollers can't pass through the bent area properly.

A track can also get bent or damaged if you hit it with your car or if a problem with the springs or cables causes the heavy door to put too much pressure on the track. A track might also vibrate and cause screws to back out.

How a Garage Door Repair Service Can Help

If the track is dirty or clogged, the repair service might clean the track, and maybe even lubricate it. If the rollers are worn down and causing problems, the rollers can be replaced. New rollers on a clean track should help the door open and close smoothly.

When a track is bent, the repair person might be able to straighten out the damaged area in such a way the roller can pass through it without sticking or jumping out. A loose and rattly track can be tightened so it is secure against the wall. If the tracks are damaged and the repair person thinks the door could become unsafe, they may recommend replacing the tracks.

Replacing the tracks is a matter of unscrewing and pulling out the old ones and then installing new ones and inserting the rollers in place. You may never need this type of garage door repair service, but if you do, it's nice to know you can simply replace the tracks without having to place your whole garage door. Find a garage door repair services company near you,  like Plano Overhead Garage Door, today.


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