Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Tree Removal: Are Your Shade Trees Too Unhealthy To Keep?

Isaac Simpson

If you have multiple shade trees surrounding your house, the last thing you want to do is cut them down. However, some trees can become so unhealthy and dangerous over time that removing them is the only way to protect your home and property. Learn more about unhealthy residential trees and what to do about them below.

What Are the Signs of an Unhealthy Tree?

Residential trees, such as maples and oaks, can suffer from a number of diseases over time, including blight, canker, and slime. The diseases can exhibit a number of signs you may or may not see in your trees.

Infected or diseased trees can develop problems in places you can see very easily, such as in the leaves and bark. For example, a tree's leaves may become unnaturally discolored, spotted, or wilted. A slimy or powdery residue may also show up on the bark, limbs, or branches. If a tree's root system becomes diseased or infected, the roots may dry out or decay below the ground.

If your residential trees exhibit the signs above, call a tree specialist soon.

What Happens Next?

A tree company will carefully examine your trees to see if they require removing or something else. If your trees have a few damaged limbs or wilted leaves on them, a company may trim the trees to save them. If the signs in your trees indicate a more serious problem, a contractor may take steps to remove the trees. 

A contractor will most likely create a safety plan before they remove your diseased trees. The safety plan keeps you and the contractor from harm during the removal process. The plan may include placing harnesses or stakes on the trees to keep them upright during the cutting stage.

A contractor may also need to use a bucket truck, chipper, and other equipment during the removal process. The equipment allows a contractor to safely access the largest or tallest trees on your property. If a contractor needs to use other equipment during the removal, they'll alert you about it immediately.

If a contractor finds other issues with your trees, such as encroaching tree roots, they may need to dig into the soil or ground to remove the structures. This part of the removal process may require additional precautions or steps to complete.

If you think your shade trees are too unhealthy to keep on your property, contact a company like Stritar Construction & Tree Service to learn more.


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