Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Maintaining Your Home's Septic Tank

Isaac Simpson

Septic tanks are an essential component of homes not connected to a municipal sewage system. Neglecting septic tank maintenance can lead to widespread and chronic plumbing problems. From restricted water flow through the system to expensive repairs, improper maintenance can have serious consequences.

Ineffective Septic Tank Maintenance Can Cause Reduced Flow From The Unit

Solid waste in the septic tank can cause restricted water flow through the system. The septic tank primarily collects and stores solid waste while allowing water to flow out to the drain field. However, if the solid waste accumulates too quickly, it can lead to reduced water flow. This restriction causes water to back into the home and causes costly repairs. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the septic tank is emptied regularly to prevent this from happening.

The Rate That Solid Waste Accumulates In The Septic Tank Varies From One Home To Another

The number of occupants and water usage patterns impact the rate that solid waste gathers in the septic tank. If a home has more occupants, more solid waste is produced. This can lead to the septic tank filling up faster. Similarly, if the occupants use more water, such as taking long showers or running the dishwasher more frequently, this can also cause the septic tank to fill up. Monitoring the septic tank and getting it pumped regularly based on the home's water usage patterns is necessary.

The Septic Tank Needs To Undergo Regular Visual Inspections

Camera inspections of the septic tank allow for cracks and other damages to be discovered. As with any part of a home, septic tanks are subject to wear and tear. Over time, cracks can form in the tank, leading to leaks and structural damage. Regular visual inspections can help catch these problems early, allowing for repairs before the situation worsens. These inspections need to be done after the tank has been pumped. This allows the inspection services to evaluate the interior of the tank.

Clogged Aerators Can Severely Reduce The Effectiveness Of The Septic Tank

Aerators improve oxygenation and the ability of bacteria to break down solid waste. The aerobic bacteria in the septic tank require oxygen to break down the solid waste. Aerators help by increasing the oxygen levels in the septic tank. However, if the aerator becomes clogged, it can severely reduce the effectiveness of the septic tank. Clogged aerators prevent the proper oxygenation of the bacteria, leading to reduced waste breakdown and, ultimately, septic system failure.

For more information on septic tank pumping, contact a professional near you.


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