Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Can Your Construction Contractor Do That? Choosing Building Projects

Six Things You Need To Know When Having A Development Bridge Built On Your Property

Isaac Simpson

It's important that you're informed when you need to hire a contractor for development bridge construction on your property. There are many design and budget decisions you'll need to make to arrive upon an appropriate development bridge solution. The following are six things you need to know when having a development bridge built on your property. 

You need to discuss weight capacities with your contractor.

One of the number one concerns you need to discuss with your development bridge contractor is how much weight you need your bridge to be able to hold. There are much greater strength demands if your bridge will be for vehicles as opposed to merely pedestrians.

Consider whether you need your bridge to hold vehicles and how much vehicle traffic your development bridge will be getting. Reviewing these considerations will prepare you to discuss weight capacity demands with your contractor. 

Using high-grade concrete is important in development bridge construction.

Pouring concrete for bridge abutments will be among the first and most important steps of development bridge construction for ensuring adequate strength.

High-grade concrete should be used for abutments to maximize strength. High-performance concretes are available on the market that should be used for development bridge applications.  

Glue laminated or "glulam" lumber is popular for development bridges.

Glue laminated lumber is a popular choice for development bridge surfaces. Glue laminated lumber is a cost-effective option among bridge surface material options that also offers impressive strength. 

You can minimize costs by choosing a single-lane bridge design.

The more lanes your development bridge includes, the more expensive its construction will be. If you want to minimize costs and you are not dealing with a heavy traffic situation, it may be best to choose a single-lane bridge design. 

Beam or girder bridges are the simplest types of bridges.

Development bridges often feature the simplest bridge design, which is a beam or girder bridge design. While this type of bridge design is simple and relatively fast to construct, it is not as strong as some other bridge types such as truss bridges. 

Being in a flood zone will bring about some unique design issues for a development bridge construction project.

Building a development bridge over a waterway requires meeting more stringent demand requirements in a flood zone. Your bridge design will need to be high enough so that it won't become submerged in the event of a flood. You therefore should discuss the flood zone status of your area with your development bridge contractor. 

For more information on development bridges, contact a professional near you.


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